Monday, January 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hey everyone! I decided to participate in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk over at Rambling and Photos!! :) This is my first time so i apologize for the tardiness on the post! Well here we go!

Smile :)

This is not necessarily a photo of someone smiling but it sure made me smile! This day L, W, S & I decided to go on a regular photoshoot. We thought of going to the highest point of York County, PA! We parked along the side of the road and the entrance to this place was on the whole other side! So us lazy people chose to climb OVER the fence. To me, this was simple :) But to the rest of them, this was a struggle! So seeing them climb over this fence, made me smile because they looked goofy! :)

Stand Alone...

I used this photo because it really hit my heart. To me, the expression on his face reminds of someone who thinks that they stand alone. This is a very good friend of mine. He loves to play his guitar and write songs. Some times I think to myself that he feels this way. I just want everyone to know that you will never stand alone. God will always be there for you! God is at His best when you are weak and struggling!

Something Old

Last week, my mom reminded me that there were old camera equipment downstairs in the basement. she thought that there would be stuff that she could use on her camera. We figured out that the equipment had no use for her. All the cases were covered in mold and smelled bad. I knew inside that I could use the cameras for something special. I decided to use the equipment as props. I set up a back drop and began to to snap away. There were some great turn outs, Here is one of them :)


I had trouble findong something artificial through out all the photos I have taken in the past week or so. The only thing I could find was this deer. It doesnt look real to you, does it? Just after I took this picture, I hopped right on top and pretended like i was riding it while W is snappin' away capturing the silly childish moment! Thanks W!

Repeating Pattern

The other day, we went on another photoshoot! We are on a roll with these things! HAHA! I was having trouble with this one too! I wanted to capture the right pattern! None of them really stuck out to me. Then I spotted a trash can along the road in the city of York. I thought it was really neat and perfect for this topic!

I give thanks to everyone that has took the time to look over my shots! :) I will be glad to continue on this adventure with my family and friends! May God bless you where ever you go :)

Cole Hobbs


  1. My dear friend, a great set of photos! I love every one of them but I think your smile is my favorite as I won't soon forget that photo shoot adventure! It was waaaaay too windy on the top of that hill! I am so blessed to have you in my photo shoot adventures! Lots of laughs and fun times! :)

  2. So glad I am able to share one of my passions with my child. I loved spending time with you this week looking for hunt items. You have a great eye. Keep your focus on Him and your artistic dreams. Continue being so passionate about life.
    GREAT first set. LOVE something old and repeating pattern. Cant wait to hunt with you again.

  3. ^that was me mum commenting not realizing that I was signed in LOL

  4. Great photos! I really love the smile shot...great composition.

  5. I love your take on smile. That's why I love this hop. I get to see all kinds of interpretations.

  6. Awesome photos, and wonderful messages. :)

  7. Very nice shots, and yes the first one made me smile. Haha