Monday, January 16, 2012

Steps To Glory

Today was a big day for me! I ended up breaking up with the girl that I loved! Lately I have been losing feelings for her. I dont know where it came from. I decided that I didnt want to countinuouslly date a girl that I would be miserable with.
We dont know why things happen to us. God will come out of no where with something that we will never expect. Thats just how He rolls! This reminds me completely of the story of Job. Satan came to god and wanted to be let in to Jobs life to mess with him. Job was an amzing guy who was faithful and courageous. God wanted to test Job of his faith so he let satan do what he wanted as long as he didnt kill him. Satan took away Jobs family. Job was devastated. He was questioning God. He started asking his friends but no one had a good answer for him. After a while, Job realized that when all else is gone, God is still there in your life and He will never leave you nor forsake you.
God has a plan for each and every single one of us. During His plan, he will take and give to you. Its like baking a cake. There are ingredients in the process of baking the cake. What do you think flour, baking soda, etc. taste like? Is it good? No! The ingredients in your life arent going to taste good but in the end, it will turn out in to a delicious, warm, chocolate-filled cake! Mmmhmm!!! We will say, Look at this master-piece God created!!!
What I am trying to tell you is that there are steps that you have to take in order to take your walk in to the pearly gates! Take on step at a time and be patient with God!
Thank you!
~Cole Hobbs

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  1. I love you Bud. My prayer is that you are happy and stay spirit filled. You are wise beyond your years.