Saturday, January 21, 2012

Angel Above

Recently, I have been having issues with patience. Thats why I want to start this blog. Each day, I want to learn something new that will help me better understand why I need to be patient. It is so stressful because its usually not the way i worl things. I like to get it done right away and start my objective. This is something we all need to work on.

The past couple weeks, i have been getting more in to photography. My mom and friend have been taking me on amazing photo shoots to capture whatever I can get my hands on. Today,
Wendy (friend), took me on a trip to take pictures. It snowed last night so it was the perfect time to get out there and see what we can do. the thought of snow is so peaceful. As we walk through the trails, God's creations surround us. The sound of the moving water, the birds flying through the air, the ducks and geese squaking with their families, and the cold air that freezes your body. All of this is so peaceful. Lauren, one that I call one of my BEST friends, created a blog this morning. In it, she explained the peacefulness that she woke up to outside her living room window. She described the birds resting on the snow-filled branches making no noise. Now thats what peace is. Being silent and listening to what is going on around you. Sit and watch all of Gods beauty come before you. Being patient requires having peace.

Last night, I was up pretty late looking up poems and scriptures that could help me out with my situation. One poem really stuck out to me. It told me that there is an angel from above waiting for me patiently. She is the most beautiful angel that could ever come before me. She has a voice that can gather little finchs. She has the instrumental abilities that could make my heart beat as every note is hit. This is an ordinary angel. Ordinary will turn in to extroardinary. We just have to be patient and watch it happen slowly before our eyes.

Gazing into her eyes when we first met
I knew when she was heaven sent
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

She had no ideas from the start
true love, id found in my heart
one of a kind, love that LASTS a lifetime
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

Still, her smile, my breath it takes away
wanting, needing, to hold her, so much to say
all my prayers answered when into my life she came
to me, she is everything
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

Like the moon, stars, morning sunrise
so much beauty, so much grace
SHE'S even more through my eyes
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

Together, forever, i long to be
can you see, YOURE very precious and sweet
the only one for me
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

Your gentle words, your tender touch, life meaning so much
wrapped tightly in each others arms i wish to be
with you, i feel so free
A vow to you i made, forever, youll have my love
All i ever dreamed of, an angel from above

Jeremiah 29:11-13 is very meaningful at this point. God has a plan for us. We have to be patient and let Him do his job!

Dear God, I put all my trust in you! I want you to take over my life and show me how to be patient. I know you have a plan for each and every single one of us. I know that in the end, your turn-out will be extroardinary!

thank you
Cole Hobbs

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