Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my second week of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk over at Rambling & Photos! I hope you enjoy! :)

Strike A Pose

This is what I came up with for 'Strike a Pose.' On a photosshoot that me and the "gang" went on was quite interesting. I think they took more photos than me this time! Well we were coming across my moms favorite road where she finds hidden hearts everywhere. There were these wild barn cats walking around in and out of pipes. This is one of the cats where i caught him in the act of yawning!


Here in York, Pennsylvania, we have this thing called a Shoe House. No one actually lives here though. It was turned in to an ice cream parlor. What i really like about this place is the miniature shoe dog house behind it. It makes me laugh every time i see it! :D


This is W! She is the co-leader of my "gang." She is also my second mother. Shes one of the people that i go to when im stuck in a situation. I swear, she needs to become a therapist! HAHA! But i chose this as my hobby because she is caught gettin down to catch a great photograph! Thats what i love to do! i love to go out of my way to get that one single photograph that would leave me speechless. She sat there for at least 4 hours trying to photgraph these cats! (Well it sure seemed like 4 hours) ;) But photographing is one of my few hobbies!


As we were driving down a back road, i was blinded by this mobile trailer home thingy! The sun was glaring off the metal of it. It made me think immediately that i needed to use this for shiny!

Color Me Green

This one was an interesting topic. This whole day on our photoshoot, we never realized how many green houses and barns there are! This is a barn that stuck out to me. The color was perfect, the branches in the way fit in, and to top it all off, the shadows of other trees created more interest. I bet you half of the houses in York are green! HAHA!

Well i hope to see what you think! I hope you had a great week and God bless!

Cole Hobbs


  1. Great pictures. Welcome. Pose is great. Thanks.

  2. That is definitely an Airstream trailer and they are always shiny. The shoe is cool too!

  3. Wow Cole, your pictures never cease to amaze me. I am partial to the hobby wasn't four was more like 4 minutes...and the pictures were well worth it! Thank you for the sweet comments about being your second mom!.
    Your shoe house and pose pictures are awesome!

  4. Lovin that pose picture bud! Makes me wish I was a cat laying in the sun being lazy! Great shot of the ShoeHouse too. And I love the shadowing on the green barn. I'm so glad your started shs so we can have this quality time together on photoshoots!

  5. These are great, that cat is a riot! Love the shoe house too!

  6. I love that first shot - makes me happy!

  7. That first shot is pretty cool! Love that you found an Airstream just don't see them that much anymore.


  8. Love your first shot of the kitty . . . it is quite hard to catch them in the act, isn't it. I really like your green shot.

  9. That first shot is wonderful!

  10. I love your footwear shot, that is so much fun!