Monday, April 2, 2012


Lately, i have been trying to find a way to keep me happy. Over the past couple months, i went from being extremely happy to being disappointed. Stuff happened, things changed, and my thoughts were proven wrong. But as of now, i am regaining my momentum to stay happy. I met a girl that i grew a connection with right away. Even though we just met, i feel like i know so much about her. Yesterday we started dating and our journey starts now.
I also need to realize that through all the time i spent being upset, i should of laid my heart down at the feet of Christ and knew that He is the one that will always make you happy with whatever He does for you. God is always there for you, even though you cannot physically see Him there right in front of you. His love for you will never change.

So Jesus, i pray that you will help me realize that you are the center of all happiness. And i pray that you will make something of this relationship that i am currently in. I know that all things work for good of those who believe in you and that nothing is impossible when it comes to you. Amen.

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